Youth Life Promotion Program

The YLP Coordinator works with Youth 13 to 24

The Youth Life Promotion program is founded on principles of self-determination and cultural reclamation for urban indigenous youth.  A core aspect of Youth Life Promotion Are Youth Culture Camps.  The camps will provide youth with access to water and land-based activities.  One-to-one supports will be provided to individuals to prepare them for participation in group based activities as required.

Another core aspect of Youth Life Promotion involves facilitating access to and knowledge exchanges with Elders and traditional knowledge keepers.  These knowledges and ways of being are inherently active and will blend learning with being on the land.

The goal of this program is to support he holistic development and provide a continuum of care services for youth at-risk, including addressing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and well-being.

Objective of program:

Youth Drumming Parry Sound Friendship Center- Kill Bear 2023
  1. Gain access to supports to nurture and sustain mental well-being;
  2. Access new ways of knowing, understanding, problem-solving and decision-making;
  3. Be immersed in indigenous knowledges and ways of being;
  4. Gain access to ceremonies, medicines, languages, teachings and traditional foods; and,
  5. Gain access to water and land-based skills and cultural practices

For more information, please contact:

Youth Life Promotion Coordinator
705 774- 6849 ext.106
705 774 8562 Cell