Indigenous Combined Courtwork Program:

The Indigenous Combined Courtwork Program assists accused offenders to better understand their rights, options and responsibilities when appearing before the courts. It is important to note that the program does not provide legal advice; the Coordinator will, however, act as an advocate who speaks on the accused offender’s behalf while involved in the justice system. Below are some examples of the way assistance is provided:

  1. Accompaniment in court;
  2. Assistance in the completion of court forms;
  3. Explanation of charges, court orders, and functioning of the justice system;
  4. Advocating for offences to be diverted; and Responding to issues caused by communication barriers between Indigenous people and the administration of the justice system.

For more information, please contact:

Indigenous Combined Court Worker
705 746 5970 ext. 104

Restorative Justice Facilitator
Restorative Justice Facilitator
705 746 5970 ext. 104/108